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How to get lean like Cristiano Ronaldo | Elite sports nutrition

For this reason, a right amount of protein, particularly present in sports nutrition protein is needed. Other factors to consider The amount of protein you will need depends on your fitness level, work regimen, and the intensity and duration of your exercise. Total calorie intake, which includes carbohydrate, also plays an important role in your protein intake. How can you play your sport well if you do not have the energy nor do you have the muscle strength to run fast or to jump high? However, there are certain factors that can prevent you from attaining that sports nutrition health that is deemed to appropriate for your status. You, assuming that you are an athlete or thinking of becoming one, must, first and foremost, understand the principles of sports nutrition completely. Athletes perform strenuous activities, that is why more nutrients are needed to keep them running. Athletes lose a lot of fluids during their game. And like everyone knows, dehydration is one of the biggest problems in the athletic world. Getting tired and thirsty will affect an athlete s performance, just as it affects anyone else s, except that it makes the life of an athlete a lot more difficult to live. Competition factors for the Sports Nutrition Market Product/brand differentiation Because of greater saturation and competition in the marketplace sports nutrition products look alike and sound the same. Maintaining a brand that stands apart from the rest is difficult but a thing to strive for. Research-substantiated claims. To achieve desired results, there has to be some form of an education about the functions and processes of the human body, its reaction to the environment, its requirements for certain nutrients, and many others. The bottom line here is that there has to be an appropriate sports nutrition education before anything is done to the body. That means improving your supplement to accommodate the growing need of your body for a stronger supplemental formula. You need advanced sports nutrition as part of your regimen program. The level of your recovery tells you many things about your preparedness to reach into a higher level of fitness. Your feeling of inadequacy is never a proof of your lacking in physical talent. 

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