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What does the diet of an Olympic athlete look like?

Sport Nutrition education includes learning how to enhance clients workouts and maximize their results with proper nutrition, safe and effective sports supplements, and beneficial vitamins and minerals. This is a sample module from a university that offers Sports Nutrition in the collegiate levels. Employment opportunities While enrolled in a Sports Nutrition Education program, it is still possible to have relevant employment. Research says they may help reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's and may have anti-aging effects. GREEN Green fruits and vegetables are among the best sources of lutein. Lutein helps reduce the risk of cataracts and mascular degeneration, which can cause loss of vision. Green vegetables are also rich in sulforaphane, isocyanate and indoles which hamper the action of carcinogens. Omega 3 also helps in reducing heart rate; thus the heart releases enough oxygen to the brain and other organs. An athlete is less tired and weak if his heart pumps slower even when his body is at work. Any athlete who would want to take these oils as supplement should consult their physicians first. Sports nutrition supplements may be in a form of capsule, powdered shakes, liquid food and candy-like bars. What are sports nutrition supplements and what they can do to your body are the things that you should know first before you head to your local health stores for gallons of protein shakes, carbohydrates bar, and amino acid capsules. ) supplemented with a special sport nutrition product, and course a good regimen of exercise. While it is true that dedication, good training techniques, and genetics are still the main element in an athlete s effectiveness, the lack of a proper nutrition coupled with the absence of nutritional supplement like sport nutrition product can inhibit an athlete s performance in any other forms of exercise. You must also take note of nutrition requirements that are related to your training program. Failure to recognize these said requirements would bring bad effects to your health status. Why? You might be taking carbohydrates all right but not in the right amount or in the amount that is appropriate for you. 

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